How to Turn User Generated Content into Revenue with Ratings and Reviews By Rachel Serpa

In the age of the connected consumer, customers are continuously talking and sharing about your brand, product or service – and everybody’s listening.  When consumers have the power to tweet about the nasty cashier while she’s ringing them up, or that fantastic filet mignon directly from the table, letting disgruntled customers or brand advocates slip through the cracks can be the difference between widespread success and fast failure.

Social networks have given consumers proverbial megaphones to broadcast their experiences in real-time, and brand image and perception is increasingly shaped by social opinion. In fact, while 70% of Millennials consider it their responsibility to share feedback with companies after both positive and negative experiences (AdAge), 90% of consumers admit that their purchase decisions are influenced by consumer ratings and reviews (Marketing Land).

By providing customers with an open forum for posting ratings and reviews, businesses can effectively monitor and react to consumer opinions in real-time. Smart brands are learning how to leverage consumer connectivity and feedback to build brand awareness, influence brand perception, and foster authentic relationships with both potential and existing customers. This white paper showcases three ways that brands can start effectively harnessing ratings and reviews to stimulate both new and repeat conversions:

  • Boosting brand awareness and referral traffic
  • Improving long-tail SEO
  • Building consumer trust to increase shopping cart conversions

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