Relax and Flow Like a River

The river does not even know its destiny and it is born. As a little trickle from the rain waters or the snow melting, it does not know. Creation has sent it forth and it is not even aware of its destination.

Somewhere there’s a knowing, but at that stage it’s all a mystery.

What will the river see, meet and experience?

The script is already there, now it only remains to unfold.

At first the river is keen to know a lot of things, but as time goes by, it starts to just flow. Now it has to be with the flowing, resisting judging, wanting nothing.

Even the urge to meet the ocean and become one with it is a far dream. But there’s a knowing which propels it to keep moving. So much to experience on the way, it gurgles with excitement. The pebbles underneath, the twigs from trees, the music of the winds, it wants to embrace it all. All seems a sweeping dream.

It is reminded of its destination.

The ocean, that’s what I am looking for!

The river is simple. All it understands is its nature to flow, and in complete faith it flows. With the banks as two guidelines it tries to reach out to whoever and whatever comes by.

An oneness and openness to receive and give is it nature. It is so sure of it.

There’s a constant knowing of its nature which keeps it focussed on its goal. An excitement of reaching the ocean and merging with it, but it does not let this excitement lessen its scripted journey.

“The journey is the destination” it reminds itself and continues with renewed enthusiasm and fervour.

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