Vastu Directions to Buy New House

It is dream come true for many of us to buy a house. You will be naturally curious to know how the house would be for you and your family. We all hope that the new venture brings more prosperity and happiness to the family. Vastu shastra basically is meant for assessing the building plan and see whether the house is suitable for your requirements.

There are basically three important factors to be evaluated while buying a house. First you should consider the location of the entrance. As per Maha Vastu, there are32 possible entrance locations for a building. Each of it shows various influences on the inhabitants. If the entrance is in sixth and seventh location in the South West zone, it brings poverty, relationship problems and debt. You payments will be delayed if your entrance is in the SouthEast.

Entrance in third and fourth location in the North will bring you success in your career and prosperity. An entrance which is not suitable for you may bring in bad effects like mishaps, accidents and miscarriages. Hence it is advisable to look for a house which has the main entrance in a suitable location. Well, if you find a house which you liked it very much but the entrance is not in the right direction, still you can go for the deal. As per MahaVastu there are several easy and practical Vastu solutions to negate the effects without demolitions or reconstruction..

After you ascertain the entrance, the next point you need to think about is the planning of the rooms. The location of the rooms should be in the right direction. Avoid buying a house in which you do not get favourable locations of bedrooms, as it could bring in problems related with money, health and relationships.. Similarly, for Toilets, Avoid buying a house with Toilet made in exact NorthEast Vastu zone of the house. Toilet should be located in the South-SouthWest, East-South East Vastu zones.

The third aspect you need to look for is to ascertain the presence of the panchtattvas or five elements –Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. Practically, you have to check the directions of water tanks, garden, kitchen, open area, slopes, pits, rain water drainage, sewer, service lane, adjoining property, water boring of neighbours, high low landscape, setbacks, building height, shafts, and balconies.

An ideal house is difficult to locate. According to MahaVastu you can ensure Vastu compliance in the new house with simple Vastu solutions like paintings, wall hanging, color of the wall, lighting an electric bulb, putting an artifact in a particular direction etc. Any individual can learn these Vastu remedies and select a house to live with more happiness, love and prosperity.

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