With a Hot Summer in the Kootenays, Try Xeriscape

With an unusually hot, dry summer upon us in the Kootenays, our minds have turned to water conservation. One of the first things to happen in conservation mode, though: a lush, green yard becomes dry and drab and even crispy. Yet if you need to sell your home or are looking to buy a home, an attractive yard is a key factor.

What to do?

How about xeriscape? Xeriscape is (you guessed it) landscaping for the purpose of water conservation.

There is an abundance of vibrant plant life that can thrive in a dry environment—shrubs, trees, even colorful flowers like pinks and irises.

To get you started, “5 Fundamentals of Xeriscape: A guide to drought resistant plants, irrigation, soils, mulch & style” discusses the fundamentals of xeriscape.

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For specific drought-resistant plants that can do well in the Kootenays, making your home more attractive to buyers or adding possibilities to any home you’re considering buying, you’ll want to check out “Zone 5 Xeriscape Plants.”

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And while you're mulling over the variety of exciting possibilities for your yard, you'll want to keep cool... which, as we know in the Creston area, means heading up picturesque Highway 3A to enjoy the refreshing water of Kootenay Lake.

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