Ten Ways To Control Dust In Your House Or Condo

In addition to regular dusting and vacuuming, here are some tips to help combat the disturbing effects of lingering

dust, dander and other allergens in your home, and help you and your family breathe a little easier:

1. Minimize knickknacks and other dust collectors.

2. Keep your closet floors clean, and cover or box clothing and shoes you use infrequently.

3. Use hypo-allergenic pillow, mattress and duvet casings.

4. Clean/replace air filters; use room air cleaners/purifiers.

5. Keep humidity between 40% and 50% to reduce static electricity.

6. Use heavy doormats, and remove footwear upon entry.

7. Replace carpets with washable rugs and mats.

8. Replace drapery with shutters or blinds.

9. Cover fabric furniture with washable throws.

10. Avoid fabric softener on commercial dusting fabrics, as it will diminish their effectiveness.

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