Buying a new build!

This would be an example of a letter that I would LOVE to write to a client building a new house....

​Dear Client,

​Congratulations on buying that brand new house, I am just as excited as you are! And thrilled that we were able to find your home together! I know you mentioned the number of houses we looked at together was less than you thought it would be, but once again, that's because we knew what we were looking for. We needed to view only a few after our meeting where we took the time to break down the needs of your family. I am also glad that we did a tour of the show homes...I know you said that a new build was not what you were looking for but its good we saw ALL the possibilities out there in finding the home that suited your needs! 

Now that our timeline has changed because of building time, we will have to make some adjustments to our plan. Haha all good though...I have your back! We did lots of planning and prepping of numbers so we are ready. I am glad you came to me right at the beginning of your idea to sell and purchase, that initial meeting we had certainly gave us time to get our DUCKS in a row before we went shopping. I have had clients that went to a show home thinking they do not need to bring a REALTOR.....they buy a house.... THEN come to me to help build a plan around the price they purchased at and the possession date!

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work....What if the sales person at the show home DID NOT protect YOUR interests with certain conditions in the contract? What if the price you NEED to sell your house at, is NOT market value and that effects the buying power you thought you had? What if we are in a declining market and by the time you take possession of your new build the dollars are not there? Or of the other hand, if we are in an INCREASING market and you MISS out on dollars from your existing house! What if you find yourself and your family homeless because of possession days not coordinating? What if you find yourself with 2 homes because of possession days not coordinating? And if the timing makes you an owner of 2 houses, what if you DO NOT QUALIFY to carry 2 mortgages? So many things to think about and to plan for with the entire process....

You mentioned being thrilled about the price...I am as well! Sometimes it does take extra time in negotiating with the builder. And a huge THANK YOU for keeping a straight face and not squealing in delight until after! We would not have gotten as far! HA HA HA Just like any house purchase, its a win win when both buyer and seller are happy with the outcome. It was good to know that we had the option of a Sale of Home clause, just that would make some buyers more comfortable. And yes, us insisting on adding that Financing condition was a good call, just because your mortgage broker gave you that pre-approval, you still need the confirmation of mortgage. Good that I was able to protected you that way as well.

I am also glad that I was there to help you with those upgrades, boy was that fun!  It all looks so nice in the design centers sometimes its hard to make the decisions. Those interior designers are amazing and very helpful with the selections. The talk we had before hand about upgrades was helpful, I'm proud of you for staying within your BUDGET! As per our discussion, you easy could have INCREASED your purchase price there. Plus some of those upgrades, as nice as they are, will not benefit you when you sell the house. Whether or not you stick to your timeframe of 3-4 years of ownership before you sell again, not ALL upgrades will give you a return of investment. But the ones you chose are great!

So now that we are at this point at the new building process....lets get on with the plan of selling your existing house!

Oh and BTW, your friend did private message me with quite a few questions about a new build and resale homes, which I am happy to answer anytime. We are meeting about his family's need for a new home. Thank you again for the referral, it means the world to me!

Kindest Regards,




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