Such an honourable mention....

These clients were great to work with! We had fun finding their home!

Carrie H. on finding their home in Calgary...

​There's something about you (Veronika)  that is inherently bright, honest, and incredibly cheerful! There was a reason I kept your business card for almost two years after meeting you for the first time. Seriously, that stuff NEVER happens cuz most business cards end up turfed in the first 6 months.

​I adore your honesty. As a person-person, and as a business entity.

​You have a profession where being a touch dishonest could potentially serve you well (and believe me, I've been "assisted" by some pretty f'n crooked realtors), but instead, you choose the high road of being honest and true to what makes you you, and that makes you a glowing person among many!


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Veronika Badzgon

Veronika Badzgon

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