Sole 4 Souls-Great charity event in Montreal

Professional Organizers of Canada, a non-profit group is launching their "Sole 4 Souls" collection event in Montreal all through April, 2012. This charity helps and donates the used shoes collected from the public and distributes them to those who are in much need of them right here in Montreal, Canada as well as many other countries.

I'm sure there are many of you like myself who have at least a pair of old shoes that you no longer use and is just collecting dust  somewhere in your storage. Why not give it a quick clean, de-clutter your house since it's that time of the year again to remove unwanted/unused items & take your shoes to the many drop off outlets (mentioned at the end of this info letter) and make the most of it! Someone or some family across the world can make great use of your old shoes and it maybe even be the first time they will have something to put on their or their children's feet.

Making many lives better with just a simple action


Dropoff outlets in Montreal area:

Charles River in Senneville: Coop La Maison Verte (Earth Day Sun April 22 only): Dawson College: Foot Solutions: Greene Ave. Community Centre: Lower Canada College:Rideau Memorial Gardens: Royal West Academy: Running Room: & Trafalgar School


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