What no one is telling you about “Location, Location, Location”


You’ve read it, you’re heard it….In fact you may even have heard

people yelling this from rooftops! I say that based on an interesting

billboard I saw recently in the North York are of the GTA. The

billboard was on top of a rooftop and depicted a realtor with a blow

horn alongside the famed words, “Location, Location, Location”. Very

innovative I must say. But getting back to what I was saying, yes….

its all about the location!


Often when I’m working with my clients I see the message and

meaning of a great location completely misunderstood by them. This

post is an effort to break through the noise and talk about location as

a need based factor, one that needs to be thoroughly thought about.


3 Things to consider when buying/renting based on the lure of


1. Purpose – What purpose is the location solving for you. If

you’re “pro environment” and don’t want to own a car, you may

want to live closer to a bus stop or a train station. But here’s the

catch, are you fond of riding a bicycle? Now you must make

sure that the great location comes with easy access to bike

trails as well as dedicated bike lanes. If you’re a mother who is

currently transitioning between careers, are you sure you want

to live somewhere that has great views but is an hour’s

commute from work? Taking away valuable time you could be

spending with family? These are just some examples, fact is

that the purpose behind a purchase is everything, location

means very little in comparison.


2. Neighbourhood – So the advertisement you may be responding

to says, “Up and coming neighourhood”, usually these are

neighbourhoods in transition with one lot or another invariably

under construction. While all construction within Canada is

regulated under strict laws, fact is that all construction is a

nuisance. Whether it is the noise, the paraphernalia or simply

the inflow of people in your neighbourhood. Evaluate where you

are in life, if you’re home more often than not; then a noisy

neighborhood can really affect your peace of mind. But that's

not all, a new neighbourhood could mean that basic services

such as a playing field and other local services you may thus

far be used to, could be absent.


3. Situational Factors – Situational factors have the biggest impact

on what we do. These refer to changes in your personal

situation on a day-to-day basis. An example of a situational

factor could be your profession. Imagine that you’re an artiste

who is basically a stay at home professional and works

seasonally. Your requirement and definition of a great location

will be drastically different from a college student who wants to

live in the heart of downtown Toronto. Other situational factors

could be dreams and ambitions, family ties and allergies. Yes,

allergies could act up in specific areas as compared to others!

A lot to take in? Give me a call and let me put you at ease and

assess if the “location, location…location” you’re excited about is

really the right location for you!

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