Selling a Home? Know Why First Impressions Count!

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover but psychologists say that we often do so and that’s so within the first fifteen seconds! The same is applicable for everything – even for a house. Potential buyers can make up their mind without even stepping their foot into your home! Surprising, but it’s true. First impression matters that much in home selling! The exterior of your house could literally make or break your sale.

Why First Impressions Count?

Selling a home is not as simple as planting a ‘Home for Sale’ sign into your front lawn. Put yourself in the position of a buyer and think what features of a house would convince you to say ‘yes’. Would you spend your money on a house just by seeing it listed for sale? Would you think of living in a house with an ugly old door, messy front lawn, driveway with cracked paving stones, and dingy exterior? Definitely not! Then, why would a buyer would want to buy such a house from you?

Just like a house has a personality, the surrounding landscape and the exterior also have a personality. You have to present that personality in an attractive way to the potential buyers so that they can quickly set up their mind about the purchase. Updating the exterior home is crucial even if listed homes in your area are selling quickly. It is important to convince the buyer that your home is worth of every penny he or she is going to spend.

Home Selling Tips for Improving Curb Appeal

Hope you have already been convinced about the worth of creating a good first impression. But, how to do it? Well, we’ve rounded up 3 home selling tips that increase cub appeal:

De-clutter and Depersonalize

Look at the front yard or lawn of your house with a neutral standpoint. Is it filled with your kids’ toys and some decorative items that evoke personal memories? It might be okay for you but not for the buyers. Tuck all the toys and bikes into storage, move the rubbish or recycling bins out of the way, put away the lawn equipment, and clear your gutters. Replace if there is any broken fence pickets and fill in if there is any hole in the ground. Keep the decoration in your front garden neutral so that it appeals to everyone’s taste.

Groom the Garden or Lawn

The next step is to groom your garden and lawn. The front garden increases the resale value so it should be attractive enough to grab the buyer’s attention. It should look coherent when seen from the street. Plant new perennials to existing garden beds to refresh the overall look and add several planters that look coherent to the home’s architecture.

Update the Front Door

The front door matters a lot so make sure it is clean and visually attractive. Update the existing one with a fresh coat of paint or replace with a new one if it is too old. Add a few embellishments such as a wreath or a decorative doorknocker, a few potted plants on the sides, and a colorful welcome mat.

A house needs to be visually charming to prompt a sale. If the exterior is not appealing, many prospective buyers will be reluctant to even take a look inside. Do you want to get your Durham Region home analyzed to know if it has enough curb appeal to impress the buyers? TwoMoveYou can help you with all the necessary analyses and processes so that you can see the ‘Sold’ sign in your yard!


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