Take Precautions With Your Open House

Purchasing a house is a large undertaking that consumes a lot of time and effort.  Though quite a few people opt to sell their houses themselves, a majority seek the help of a professional real estate agent.  However, this tasks, whether undertaken by you or a real estate agent poses potential harm to your families’ well-being and safety.  In essence, when your house is up for grabs in the housing market, you are also opening your house to strangers. 


You’ll have to acknowledge that a few changes will need to be done as a precautionary measure.  At the same time, you may need to alter your perception of the situation.  By placing an ad in the paper, you are formally opening your premises to anyone. 


In order to ensure the best we’ll need to:  Secure valuables by hiding, removing, or locking up anything that we wouldn’t want to go missing! Stow it away in your car temporarily or leave it at your mother’s house.  Anything that you have an attachment to should not be showcased in your house. 


However, in the event that you are under the impression that some stole a possession of yours just let them have it.  Better to avoid large conflicts than to drive away any potential home buyers or to escalate a situation, especially if you are unsure of the type of people you may be accusing. 


The best advice is to simply be on the guard and to place prevention methods that will ensure you don’t place yourself in a vulnerable situation.  In particular, ads that you place should specify details such as “Pre Approval Documentation Required”, “Drivers license required” , and what I advise the most, state “Appointment only”. 


Moreover, someone who is prequalified by a lender is most probably not going to be a threat to your home. 


By adding specifications you will also be weeding out the people who are “just looking” from the actual serious house buyers.  In essence you will be saving yourself time and narrowing down the actual “threats” you are letting into the house.     


It is inarguable that one should dress for success, but definitely down play it and be less ostentatious if you can help it!  Do not bring out the jewellery.  Dress smart, but definitely not provocatively.  By doing so you’re more or less setting yourself up as bait and reeling the fish in.  Remember a piece of jewellery worth a few grand can buy a lot of drugs. 


In addition, be certain that you can have someone be there with you at your open houses.  An extra pair of eyes or two makes your house that much safer. 


In addition, if you have the resources investing in a home security system can be a great precautionary measure.  These are ideal investments that can be great features when elaborating during your selling pitch.  There are definitely benefits to having a home alarm system and home security cameras.    

Do you live in one of Toronto's top 20 neighbourhoods that have experienced break and enters?  You may actually be quite surprised, but statistics reveal that a home is less likely to be under threat by a break and enter when there is a home alarm system in place. 


Reap the benefit of a home security system even as you are holding open houses:  Carry a remote control for your alarm system in case of emergencies.  A most useful security purpose is that these remote controls can come with panic buttons and with a touch of that button; law enforcement is notified right when something goes wrong.


Think smart.  Don’t be convinced by others that you are being driven into paranoia.  By dedicating a few minutes to ponder over all the vulnerable points in your house, you are ensuring your safety in this whole process.     


For a directory of Toronto security professionals, please follow this link:  http://www.homerenovationguide.com/contractors/directories/home-security-toronto

Lastly, remember a Realtor can help you think about and deal with all of these issues.  If you want more information, please visit our website at www.TwoMoveYou.com  Kirk Rickman and Victoria Carter, Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage.  Serving Toronto and the GTA.   

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