Your Signal to Open Up Your Pool!

Many are uncertain of the ideal time to open up their pool.  Understandably many believe that the end of May is an ideal time to commence pool enjoyment, but let me straighten out that misconception for you:  The earlier you are able to open your pool, the better it is for everyone.  Once the threat of your pool freezing over ceases to exist­, it’s the perfect time to open your pool up for summer! 

Opening up that pool earlier in the season ensures you get an even longer time of enjoyment.  With the addition of a pool heater, you’re able to jump the gun with an earlier start to the season and even indulge yourself in the benefits of investing in a pool heater.   

Early pool openers also reap the benefits of guarded algae growth and being able to guarantee their family a clear, clean water supply in their pool.  So keep in mind that it will take about two to three days to prepare your pool for swim-readiness.  This will also help you get a quicker start on detecting any repairs that may be needed from damage that may have occurred over the winter. 

Take note though, that the earlier you choose to open your pool, the earlier you are starting up your pool for maintenance.  In other words, most pools require four to eight hours of maintenance a week so the earlier you open up your pool, the more maintenance you will need to provide your pool with.  In addition to the responsibility of operating a private swimming pool is the legal responsibility and obligation to comply with the City’s Sewer Use By-law.  

Before outputting your chlorine pool water to the storm sewer system, the water must be de-chlorinated.  Alternatively, if it is possible for chlorine or salt water from your pools to be discharged and absorbed into the ground on your surrounding properties, this is also a feasible alternative.  However, be certain to account for the fact that the surface of your property, the rate of discharging water, and also slopes on your property may affect the volume of water that is effectively absorbed into your own ground.  It is imperative that the discharged pool water does not run off into your neighbour’s lawn.  Another option to disposing the water is discharging it to the sanitary sewer.  Ultimately, the City’s requirements for their Sewer Use By-law are a part of their on-going efforts to improve the quality of water in Lake Ontario and of utmost importance, the quality of our drinking water as well.  Let’s all take a proactive and precautious role in playing our part as private pool owners.   

Do not worry about all the responsibility being thrown on you though!  If you’re the one who doesn’t want to be responsible for the upkeep of the pool as well, a reputable pool services company would gladly take on this periodic endeavour for you.  Here is a list of established companies that are based in the Greater Toronto Area.   

All in all though, the benefits and possibilities as private pool owners outweigh the responsibilities you have to put in.  Let’s maximize the time we have for enjoyment, entertainment, and recreation in our pool with an earlier start to the season!   

*Victoria Carter and Kirk Rickman of Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd., Brokerage have helped numerous clients buy and sell properties with pools!*

Victoria Carter and Kirk Rickman. 


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