100 Things to do this Summer Barrie

Looking to fill your summer with fun and adventure?  You're going to love our summer ideas.


Print this list off with 100 things to do.  You and the kids will never be bored!


100 Things to Do this Summer


1.  Go on a nature walk

2.  Paint some River Rocks

3.  Catch some butterflies

4.  Plant seeds and watch it grow

5.  Visit a beach

6.  Try Geo-caching

7.  Collect bugs

8.  Fly a kite

9.  Build a cool sand castle

10.  Visit a zoo

11.  Feed some ducks

12.  Try fishing

13.  Camp out in your backyard

14. Run through the sprinkler

15. Make a Slip and Slide

16. Make homemade popsicles

17. Have a lemonade stand

18. Visit your local library

19. Take out some interesting books

20. Start a summer holiday journal

21. Visit a local Splash pad

22. Go fruit picking

23. Go on a bike ride

24. Take in a drive in movie

25. do some chalk drawings

26. Have a water balloon fight

27. Do some face painting

28. Have a dress up day

29. Visit a local farm

30. Go to a garage sale

31. Have a sleepover with friends

32. Create a backyard movie theatre

33. Visit a local museum

34. Visit a local park

35. Have a picnic

36. Try mini-putt

37. Go to an afternoon matinee movie

38. Change your bedroom around

39. Make an indoor/outdoor fort

40. Make homemade ice cream

41. Have a water pistol fight

42. Go bird watching

43. Paint a painting

44. Roast marshmallows

45. Collect rocks

46. Make paper cup telephones

47. Learn how to loom

48. Collect feathers

49. Make a flower headband or necklace

50. Go to a local fair

51. Make a hopscotch

52. Try a trampoline

53. Learn how to Cat's Cradle

54. Melt crayons and make new ones

55. Make a friendship bracelet for your friends

56. Look for shooting stars

57. Catch a fire fly

58. Go to a local Art Gallery

59. Make spider dogs on the BBQ

60. Try a smore

61. Have a yard sale

62. Make a Tie Dye T-shirt

63. Learn to macrame

64. Collect acorns

65. Watch a parade

66. Make a fairy garden

67. Make friendship pins for your friends

68. Learn some magic tricks

69. Make your own puppets and have a puppet show

70. Make your own slushies

71. Blow bubbles

72. Check out a local science center

73. Go on a road trip

74. Jump rope

75. Try tennis or badminton

78. Make something cool out of recycled materials

79. Make your own playdoh

80. Go to a farmer's market

81. Wash a car

82. Search for 4 leaf clovers

83. Make a sock puppet

84. Create a sand sculpture

85. Create pressed flower bookmarks

86. Eat out on a patio

87. Go to an outdoor play

88. Try skateboarding or roller skating

89. Have a bake sale

90. Visit a local fire station

91. Throw a frisbee

92. Create an obstacle course

93. Make a garden stepping stone

94. Try lawn bowling

95. Create a scavenger/treasure hunt

96. Do a paint/colour by number picture

97. Create salt dough ornaments

98. Create a summer photo album

99. Do some fingerpaint/hand print art

100. Learn sign language


If you love this list share it with others.  Enjoy your summer!


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