10 Reasons to hire a Colour Consultant in Barrie

If you've ever taken on a home painting project, you must certainly have had a few frustrating experiences along the way.  Experiences such as, paint colours looking wrong once on the wall.  The room colours don't flow.  A room appearing dark or small.  After many back and forth trips to the paint store you might consider hiring an expert in colour and design.

Buying paint isn't cheap.  So instead of wasting time and money, here are the top reasons to hire a Colour Consultant.


1.  A Colour Consultant will create a custom colour theme to enhance your entire home.


2.  They will work with your existing furniture and decor so that you don't have to replace anything.


3.  They are experts on colour for inside and outside your home.


4.  A consultant has an eye for paint undertones that may clash.  You'll avoid colour disappointments by hiring her expertise.


5.  They understand how colour affects moods, therefore, can suggest suitable colours for specific rooms.


6.  They also know how lighting affects the colour of paint.  They will help you choose a colour that will look correct on your walls.


7.  They will ultimately save you time and money while giving you the look you absolutely love.


8.  Up to date on all the latest trends and styles.


9.  Can travel to your home to save you time.


10.  Much more affordable than you think.


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If you are looking for a Barrie Colour Consultant, or need a recommendation, feel free to ask.  I am happy to give you a referral.

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