20 Random Acts of Kindness

If everyone performed just 1 random act of kindness every day, what a different place our world would be.

We get so busy that sometimes we forget to do so, but here is a list of easy RAK we can do each and every day.


1.  Let Someone else have that parking space.

2.  Smile at a perfect stranger.

3.  Hand a grocery cart to someone.

4.  Let someone with less items in front of you in line.

5.  Hold the elevator door.

6.  Hold open a door.

7.  Buy suspended coffees for someone who might need it later.

8.  Donate that 1 or 2$ whenever you are asked by the cashier.

9.  Help someone cross the street

10.  Help someone carry grocery bags

11. Spot a stranger a few dollars if they are short at checkout.

12. Say thank you ALWAYS.

13.  Thank a police officer for looking after you and your city.

14.  Give your wait staff a good tip.

15.  Give a compliment to someone, just because.

16.  Bring coffee to a friend or co-worker.

17.  Help a mom out with a stroller.

18.  Bake cookies for the new neighbours.

19.  Visit someone in the hospital.

20.  Give someone a hug.


For more ideas you can visit:  https://randomactsofkindness.org/





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