5 Easy Updates for your home

Looking for ways to update your home without affecting your pocketbook?  Paint!  You can paint anything and transform a room for under $100.00.

Paint has improved a lot over the years.  Lead free, lower odor, tinted primers etc.

Here are our top picks of what you can paint to transform a room.


  • Flooring - Repaint your old flooring and create a brand new look.  This includes linoleum, tile, hardwood and concrete.  Below:  repainted hardwood, priming a concrete floor; repainted linoleum bathroom floor.



  • Backsplash - Do you need to create a backsplash, or hide a hideous one?  You can easily paint a tile backsplash or wallpaper over the old one.  Below:  hand painted faux tiles


  • Stairs - update old stairs with a new look!  Even create a faux runner.


  • Appliances - there is a paint for every surface....even metal appliances.  Below:  repainted fridge white, and a repainted fridge in stainless steel.




  • Garage Doors - repaint old doors, and even add faux windows to update the look.




Other items you can repaint -  air vents, light switches, metal furniture, wood furniture.

Before you repaint anything it is best to consult your local paint centre or hardware store to ensure you are using the right type of paint and are following the appropriate steps to ensure your project lasts.

For more information on DIY painting projects visit the following links:

Allandale Decorating Centre

Home Depot



If you need a referral to local painters I am happy to be of assistance.

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