5 Scam Alerts for Home Owners


Dear Home Owner,

The scam artists are getting clever.  It's more complicated than simply offering you a free prize, or trip.  Here's what you need to know to scam proof your home.


According to Canada Revenue Agency, these are the newest scams you need to on the look out for.


1.  Calls about a grant or loan you applied for.  No matter what, never give out your personal banking information to anyone over the phone.  Also anyone stating you need to pay a fee first is a SCAM

2.  Calls from a so called Debt Collection Agency - if you don't know about a debt you owe, if you are asked to provide personal and sensitive information over the phone, and you're threatened with an arrest if you don't pay......it's a SCAM.  What you can do is ask for a "validation letter" first before you discuss any debt.

3.  Entering contests online are innocent enough, but if you are asked to provide banking or credit card information this is a SCAM.  Scams like this are called "card cracking" and the scammers can attempt to drain your account.

4.  Online scam sites look like a professional website with all of the so-called credentials but they are a SCAM.  Sites such as online dating, work from home opportunities.  Never sign up and give your credit card information unless it is a trusted site.

5. Charity collectors.  How do you know which ones are legitimate?  Before you hand over any cash you should ask for identification.  You should also contact that group to confirm a charity campaign is ongoing.  Known charity scams are ones requesting money for police, firefighters, and veterans.  Click below for a list of registered charities.


Remember, if it seems too good to be true......it probably is.  No one gives away money and prizes for nothing.  You can also check out the following websites to stay up to date on current scams, and of course, if you suspect a scam artist -- please report it immediately.

Helpful websites:

Identity Theft

Canadian Consumer handbook

Better Business Bureau

Canada Revenue Agency

OPP Fraud Prevention



Feel free to share this blog with family and friends and on social media.  Spreading awareness is key.




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