6 Moving Day Disasters to Avoid


It's Moving Day, you're all packed and ready to go.......but are you?  Whether you are a first time home owner, or a seasoned mover, there are always things we forget to double check.

Here are some moving day mistakes to avoid to ensure a smooth and stress free transition.



1.  Moving yourself

You want to save money and a few friends say they can help you move, and they have a truck you can borrow.  Sounds great!  However, on moving day the friend is a no-show, and the truck is too small, plus you didn't plan for the weather and so on.   

Now you have a moving day disaster!  Planning ahead and using a reputable moving company can take away all of the stress and headache.  Your friends can help you unpack if they like.


2. Packing Everything but the Kitchen Sink

You know the old saying.  However, on moving day you don't need to take "everything" with you. 

Take inventory of your belongings months in advance and discard unused items.  Why move unwanted furniture and personal affects?  It will lighten your load and save you money in the long run if you only pack the items you want to keep.


3.   Moving Quotes over the phone or online estimates

Avoid getting quotes over the phone and online.  Instead, have a reputable moving company come by and give you a written estimate to avoid over paying on moving day.  Ensure the quote is binding which means if they miscalculate they won't be able to overcharge you. 

Also the moving company will get an idea of the size of truck required.  Nothing hampers a moving day more than a truck that is too small!


4.  Forgoing Damage Insurance

To protect your items from damage (it happens sometimes) go for the damage insurance.  In the event your furniture is scratched or a vase is broken, the company will be responsible for replacing it.


5.  Unorganized Packing

Clearly mark and itemize each box to ensure your boxes will be brought to the right rooms and floors.   Make sure you clearly mark important boxes and items you'll need right away such as:  Kid's bedding,  Bath supplies,  Coffee maker and supplies.  Have those items labeled and easy to access rather than having to rifle through a ton of boxes.


6.  Important Documents, Medications, Personal Effects

Important items such as these should never go into a packing box and a moving truck.  Always keep these types of items with you personally and drive them over to your new house.  Many of these items are expensive to replace, and you should never go without medication. 


Don't forget to update your new address with all of your utilities, bank, credit card companies, OHIP, drivers' license, City of Barrie tax dept. etc.


Useful links:

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If you have any questions or need advice about your next move, feel free to contact me.  If you think someone might enjoy this blog feel free to share online. 





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