7 Tips for Setting a Christmas Shopping Budget


Christmas shopping although exciting, can be a stressful time of year for many.  Often times we find ourselves in a wee bit of debt come the new year.  Credit card companies are certainly hoping you will charge away again this year, so here are a few tips to avoid over spending.


1.  Make a list of all the people you will be buying for this Christmas.  In addition to family and friends, you may also be buying for teachers, pastors, co-workers etc.

2.  Establish a budget of what you want to spend per person

3.  Put Christmas shopping money aside strictly for gifts, rather than racking up  your credit cards.

4.  Check your flyers for sales. 

5.  Go online and compare prices.  Check for free shipping options if ordering online.

6.  Don't forget about hidden fees such as tax, delivery, shipping, postage etc.

7.  Keep track of what you've been buying by logging a simple spreadsheet. 

Name Items Purchased Budget 20.00 over/under
Christmas Holiday Spending Tracker

Suzie Q

1 top, a mug and 10 gift card 18.00 under 2.00
John D 1 lego set, pair of socks, 1 book 25.00 over 5.00



Other ways to save on Christmas shopping.

-   some friends and families pick a name from a hat and you only buy for that 1 person.  Usually a budget is set.

-   In lieu of gifts some people plan a vacation instead.

-   Make home made gifts

-   Donate to a charity instead


Do you have a Christmas shopping tip you want to share?  Let us know.

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