A Mexican Vacation for Canadian Wildlife

It's not just Canadians who head to tropical destinations each winter.  Did you know that many of our birds and monarch butterflies also head to Mexico, Florida, and South America each year?

These trips are thousands of miles that often include non-stop flying from North America to Mexico and South America.

Migration is the seasonal movement of a population of animals from one area to another. It is usually a response to changes in temperature, food supply or the amount of daylight available.


What do these species do while on vacation?  They eat an abundance of food, breed, and bask in the tropical weather!


The most fascinating thing is how they all find their way back to Canada each spring.  Although it is not known how they make this amazing journey each year, experts believe they somehow calculate the sun's arc relative to the horizon, follow the stars, and listen to the earth's sounds.

For more information on bird and butterfly migration, you can visit the following websites.


Environment Canada

Hummingbird Migration

Butterfly Migration


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