Choosing an Interior Paint Finish- What you Need to Know

There are many types of interior paint finishes on the market.  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by choices?  Here is a handy list of types of paints and best places to use them. 


A flat paint a paint that has very little shine and doesn’t reflect much light at all.  Flat paint spreads evenly, and it hides small surface imperfections like bumps or small holes.  Roller marks blend in, and the painted surface looks even and smooth.  A good choice for first time painters.  Best for bedrooms and offices where there is less wear and tear.



Similar to flat or matte, but they have a little bit of sheen and are slightly more durable.  Eggshell paint reflects some light, and is easier to spot clean than flat.  A better choice for living rooms and dining rooms that have more traffic, but less wear and tear than kitchens and bath.



A satin finish is a good choice for walls that needs more constant upkeep. Satin paints have a silky, shiny surface that reflects light well.  It is a durable paint which will stand up to a lot of bumps and scuffs.  Easy to spot clean.

Not recommended for newer inexperienced painters as brushstrokes and drips will stand out more.



There are 2 types of glossy paints -  Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss.  These paints give a bright, smooth and even surface that can usually take a lot of abuse and still look new.  A great choice for baseboard and doors.  Also recommended for kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to clean and resist moisture and humidity.


For more tips and information on interior paints you should visit your local paint centre.

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