Garage Security & Safety -- What you Need to Know Barrie

When it comes to home security, we often forget about the garage.  In Barrie, many home fires have started in the garage. 

Think about all of the hazardous chemicals and dangerous tools that are found in the garage.  Also, thieves often know this area is usually not supervised and can make off with expensive tools and equipment.


1.  Garage Door Safety

Once a year you should check the safety of your garage door.  Make sure the garage door sensors are cleaned from dust and webs.

Test that the safety reverse mechanism is working correctly by placing a paper towel roll where the garage door closes.  If the sensor is working properly it will not crush the towels, and will retract.

If the towels are crushed, then you need to have your doors serviced immediately.


2.  Fire Safety Tips

Ensure your outlets are not overloaded with plugs.  Unplug items over night and when you are away.

Never dispose batteries in your garbage can, as these can cause fires. 

Look for frayed wires and extension cords.  Replace when needed.

Never leave items running in your garage such as space heaters, lawn mower charging.  Always unplug overnight, or when you are away.


3.  Carbon Monoxide

Never run your car in your garage -- even with the garage door open.

Never operate a barbeque inside the garage.


4.  Child Safety

For children's sake, all chemicals should be locked.  Sharp tools should be locked or placed out of reach.

Don't let your children play in the garage -- especially unattended.

Footwear should always be worn inside the garage.


5.  Garage Security tips

Always lock your garage entry door, especially if it leads to the inside of your home.  This is often a way that burglars gain entry.

Never give anyone your garage door code.

If you leave your garage door opener in your vehicle, always lock your vehicle.


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For more information on how to dispose of household chemicals including batteries

Barrie Fire Department

Stay safe!



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