How NOT to Turn Off Potential Home Buyers Barrie

If you are in the market to sell your home, you should know what potential home buyers get turned off by.  Making a few esthetic changes before you put your house on the market is helpful.



1.  Curb Appeal

First impressions start as soon as potential buyers drive up.  Everything makes an impression, from landscaping, to front porch, and front door.  It's best to tidy up any newspapers, leaves, or debris so that your home can stand out.  Put garbage and recycle bins out of sight.  Throw out old junk before you have showings. It's always a good idea to touch up door paint.  Maybe put out a few planters to brighten up the outside.


2.  Cleanliness

Let's be honest.  A dirty home doesn't show as well as a clean one does.  Taking the time to vacuum, tidy bathrooms, and do the dishes is very helpful before showings. 


3.  Odors

As a home owner we are sometimes unaware of the odors in our homes.  When a potential buyer walks into your home first impressions are key.  If pet or cooking odors are strong they may be a turn off.

That doesn't mean douse your entire home in Febrez either.  Many people are sensitive to perfumes as well.  The most natural and effective way to get rid of odors is to place small bowls of baking soda in various areas.  Hint - you can add a drop of lemon essential oil will leave a fresh clean scent.


4. Clutter

The potential home owner wants to see how their furniture will fit.  Is there enough closet space?  If there is too much mess and clutter, this might turn off the buyer.  Making beds and tidying up clothes in bedrooms will make the room look more spacious.  Kitchen counters should have minimal items on display.  A sink full of dirty dishes is also a turn off.  So remember to do a quick tidy up before each showing.


If you have any further questions about showing your home, feel free to contact me.  If you know someone who would appreciate this blog, feel free to forward and share.


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