Mother's Day 2011

So much happened in April this year that it seems like a shock that we are already a week into May and Mother's Day is this Sunday.  It was my spouse who even had to remind me it was this Sunday when I was asked that questions we all get every year at this time "What do you want to do for Mother's day?"  My response the same every year, "I don't know"

What is Mother's Day?  Why does one day have to have SO much poured into it and the other 364 days we forget to hold the door open for mom, tell her we love her just because, or make her lunch while we are making ours at the same time. 

We are driven to get the best card, best restaurant reservations, the best bouquet of flowers and then the following day go back to asking is my laundry done, or my favorite "WHEN'S DINNER?"

I think what I want the most if not so much for me but for my family to realize every day we need to be kind to one another, respectful of each other's time, and help out in the home with a true team approach.  That is the gift that would keep on giving, bring all of us joy and make me feel special everyday not just one. 

How about you, "What do you want for Mother's Day?"





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