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Hey Barrie residents, is your home a smart home?  Are you up to date with the latest gadgets and technology?  It's sure hard to keep up!

Some of the new technology is costly and does it really make your home more efficient?  I have researched some of the top gadgets are here is what I've discovered....

1. Flood Sensor

Reduce home and content damage with a flood sensing device.  For approx. $80.00 this type of gadget it will sound an alarm when it is submerged in water.  Great idea in case your water take gives up as well.

2. Smart Thermometer

There are many types of Smart thermometers on the market.  They range from around $200 and up.  These thermometers are energy efficient, and will turn off the A/C early and let the fan run.  Smart thermometers can learn your temperature preferences which makes it easier for set up.  You can adjust temperatures remotely using a phone or tablet which is convenient for weather changes, or forgetting to adjust at home. 

3. Smart Lighting

Motion sensor lighting uses a low watt light and turns on when motion is detected.  If you find lights left on in your home, this might be a smart choice.  Timers can also be set which works as a great security device if you are away.  Starting at about $50 per set, saves you money on your electric bill.

4. Smart outlet

Why use a Smart outlet, and is it really energy efficient?  This type of outlet can be programmed to turn off when it senses darkness, or time out after a pre-programmed amount of time.  Types of devices you may want to use a smart outlet with are radios, coffee maker, fans, lamps, home computer, curling irons etc. It will also turn on a lamp when you walk into the room.  There are many programming variations.  If you find too many items are being left on in your home, this might be a good idea.  For about $35 you can install a smart outlet.

For more information on this type of technology you can visit your local hardware store, or nearest Home Depot.

Does your home use Smart technology?  If so, tell us about your experience.  Which ones do you strongly recommend?  Think someone else might benefit from this article?  Feel free to share on your social media page.  Thanks for reading my Barrie Real Estate Blog.  Have a great day!

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