Tips to Clean your Eaves with Ease

Spring and fall is a good time to clean out your eaves.  It might seem like a messy and daunting task, but if you're not hiring a service here are some tips to make it easier.

Most important is safety.  Also ensure you have the right equipment and tools before you begin.

You will need:

1.  A sturdy ladder

2.  Non-slip shoes

3.  Heavy work gloves

4.  Goggles

5.  Garden hose

6.  Plastic bucket

7.  Garden trowel


Before you begin, make sure the roof is dry and free of ice.




Dry debris can be blown out with a leaf blower

Wet debris must be scooped out.  You can use a garden trowel and empty into plastic bucket which will be less messier to clean later.  Avoid throwing wet debris onto your deck or patio as this will be another mess for you to clean up later.

Use a high pressured water hose to blast out debris, aim toward the downspout for easy flushing.

If the water is not draining properly you may have an obstruction in the drain pipe.  A plumber's snake tool is handy in unblocking the pipes.


In the future, if you install a mesh cover over your eaves it will cut down on the amount of debris.

For more info you can check out these helpful links:

Home Depot - Rain Gutter supplies

Gutter Guard


Be safe!

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