Top 100 Summer Activities to do with your kids!


Psst, you might want to post this to your fridge!  

 Summer holidays are exciting times, but they can also become drawn out and frustrating if you are constantly looking for things to do.

Here is a handy list of of ideas that should keep your family busy all summer long!  Make sure to share this with your friends too!


Planning your days out is key.  You can simply print this list and place it on your fridge, or if you want to make things more exciting.....try printing each idea on a slip of paper and have your child pick it out of a hat (or bag) and this way your kids are surprised and they get to be a part of the planning.


Learning Activities & Classes

1.  Create some art - Creative Cafe you can paint and fire your own pottery, they have fused glass and many more exciting projects.

2.  Go to a cupcake making class - Cupcake in Minet's point often has a create your own cupcake theme day.  Who doesn't like cupcakes?

3.  Develop your artistic skills - McLaren Art Centre has many classes for children to learn and become inspired.

4.  Check out classes held at Home Depot

5.  Visit Michaels for some fun crafting classes

6.  Creative Palette Art Classes, Mosaic Art

7. Try out a summer dance class

8. Take some music lessons - singing, instruments

9. Learn to knit


Free Outdoor Adventures

1.  Take in an outdoor play at Kempenfelt Bay put on by Theatre by the Bay.

2.  Lawn Chair Luminata.  All you need is a blanket or lawn chair to enjoy the outdoor movie theatre at the waterfront.  Click here for their list of movies.

3. Feed the ducks.  Ducks and ducklings can always be found at our beaches.  The healthiest foods to feed ducks are:  grapes, unsalted nuts, small fish, snails, and worms.

4. Geo Cashing.  It's fun and free.  All you need is a GPS on your phone.  Some good sights are:

5. Build sand castles at your local beach

6. Collect natural craft materials such as - rocks, bark, sand, pinecones etc, then make something amazing with it. 

7. Go bird watching or butterfly spotting.  Jot down what you see in a journal.  Don't forget to bring some binoculars!

8. Go fishing!

9. Have a lemonade or freezie stand

10. Wash the car

11. Visit your local pet store, fish store, or local SPCA


More Outdoor fun:

1.  Berry picking at Berry Hill Farms

2.  Visit a petting zoo - Elmvale zoo

3.  Visit a local museum

4.  Go to a drive-in movie

5.  Go camping or pitch a tent in the backyard

6.  Have a water gun or water balloon fight

7. Go Carting adventures!

8. Take the Go Train to the big city

9. Go paddle boating, paddle boarding, canoeing etc.

10. Mini putt

11. Tennis

12. Try lawn bowling in the back yard

13. Learn archery

14. Try treetop Trekking or do a zip line

15. Visit a theme park Canada's Wonderland



Rainy Day Activities

1.  Play dressup

2.  Have a tea party with your friends or stuffed animals.

3.  Read a book

4.  Work on a puzzle

5.  Create your own story book or comic strip

6.  Write letters to friends

7.  Create a summer vacation journal

8.  Make puppets out of felt or paper and put on a puppet show!

9.  Watch a really old classic movie like:  Annie, Swiss Family Robinson etc.

10. Have a science day - create cool experiments at home.

11. Build an indoor fort

12. Move your room furniture around and redesign.....or check out this cardboard furniture idea

13. Design a T-shirt - use fabric writers, be dazzlers, tie dye kits, even a T-shirt transfer

14. Create unique frozen treats.....ever try a frozen banana pop?

15. Do some word search puzzles, crosswords or Sudoku

16. Bake something at home.  Rice crispy squares, cookies or cupcakes. 

17. Clean out your closets and donate your used items, and try up-cycling your old Plant flowers in rubber boots, Make scrunchies out of old t-shirts etc.

18. Have fun with polymer clay (create then bake!)

19. Make jewelry household items.....dried pasta, beads, paper clips, or bake them with polymer clay

20. Paint rocks and items you have found during your summer walks

21. Visit an indoor playground such as Smart Moves, Bull Dog Interactive Fitness, YMCA, Barrie Rec Centre

22. Go to an indoor pool


If you think someone else would appreciate this blog feel free to forward, or share on your social media.

We want to hear your stories!  Tell us how you are keeping your kids occupied this summer.


All the best!




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