Why You Should Use Your Green Bin Barrie

As the City of Barrie's landfill is approaching capacity, the residents are urged to use their green bin.

Only 40% of Barrie residents use the green bin, so here are some tips on getting over some of the aversions to recycling organic waste.


1. Smell

There's no doubt that composting matter will leave an odor behind.  Sprinkle some baking soda over the waste to reduce odors.

Also take your organic waste outside to your large green bin daily.


2.  Bugs

We know that bugs love to get into our green bin, and during the hot summer months maggots can be an issue.  Here are some tips for reducing the insects.

Always make sure your green bin latch is securely closed.

Flies breed in liquids, therefore be sure to clean out your bins each week to remove any residual liquid.

Wash out your bins with water and vinegar.

During peak hot months you can opt to freeze your meat scraps in the appropriate waste bag, and then discard on collection day.


3.  Mess

You green bin can get a little messy when discarding food waste, so you may consider putting your waste in the approved compostable bag, or use a brown paper bag.

Put old newspaper on the bottom of your bin to absorb any liquids.


Effective Oct 31, 2016 there will be no more landfill tipping allowances.  Therefore it will cost Barrie residents each time you go to the dump.

Food waste takes up 38% of our weekly waste, so saving room in our landfills is a must.


Here are some helpful links:

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