Start Small, Build Big

I have a friend whose mother was a great plant lover. I loved going to her house, so full of lush greens and colorful flowers. Unfortunately, the daughter was cursed with a black thumb. She would go to the nursery and buy beautiful plants to fill her home, only to watch them wither and die. She stopped buying plants to avoid having to throw any more empty pots out.

One day my friend went to a local hardware store and saw a plant that reminded her of the ones she loved so much in her mother’s house. On a whim, she purchased it along with her other wares. When she got home, she put the plant on her windowsill and began to care for it. Instead of shriveling up and dying, it flourished. Several months later she bought another plant, and the same thing happened. She nurtured it, and it was beautiful. Since then, she has purchased more plants and they have all flourished, save a few, and her home is full of the green life that she once thought impossible.

I was reminded that, as with anything that requires skill and attention, sometimes starting small with what’s manageable allows you to learn and grow along with it into something larger than you ever dreamed. 

Vishal Kapoor

Vishal Kapoor

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