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Hampstead is an affluent on-island suburb of Montreal, Canada, in southwestern Quebec.


The Town of Hampstead was founded in 1914. It was designed to be an exclusive garden city. There are no retail shops within municipal boundaries. Houses were assigned relatively large lots to allow space for trees and shrubbery. The town's roads were designed with curves in order to slow down traffic and to create an interesting and intimate landscape. Despite its rather flat topography—much of the territory was once a golf course—the town was named after another garden city, the hilly London suburb of Hampstead Village. Like its namesake, Hampstead is the home of many affluent citizens. It competes with a few other suburbs for first place in the rankings of highest average household incomes in Canada.

Places of interest

A new public pool has recently been opened in Hampstead Park for the enjoyment of the town's citizens. The park also includes 2 basketball courts, 3 baseball fields, 10 tennis courts, soccer fields, a beach volleyball court and a play area for children. In the winter 2 ice rinks are built where the children play and skate.


Two major thoroughfares exist in Hampstead. One is Queen Mary Road and the other is Fleet Road. While it is difficult to drive quickly down Queen Mary (because of all the stop signs), Fleet Road is geared for automobile traffic, with synchronized traffic lights.

Hampstead is accessible by STM bus lines. 51 Édouard-Montpetit (Queen-Mary) - Snowdon Metro 66 The Boulevard (Côte-Saint-Luc) - Guy Metro 161 Van Horne (Fleet) - Plamondon Metro 166 Queen Mary (Macdonald) - Snowdon Metro

There were various stages of development for Hampstead. The newer areas tend to be to the north and to the west. The city is almost completely composed of single family residences, except for the apartment buildings on Côte-Saint-Luc Road, and the duplexes and triplexes along MacDonald, Cleve, Dufferin, Heath, Holtham, Harrow and Aldred Roads. There are no commercial properties in the city. There is only one school in the city, the Hampstead Elementary School, which is public.

At the beginning of each summer is Hampstead Day, which features a small carnival and fireworks, curated by the staff of the Hampstead Pool, renowned as the most rigorously trained municipal lifesaving team in Canada.

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