At Least 100 Things To Do Around Lloydminster #1

#1 Movie Night

Not certain about things to write about, I have decided to start my blog on things to do in Lloydminster. This will help out new residents to Lloyd discover local attractions quicker and give me endless things to write about. I will try to do a small blog entry every few days and see how it goes. If its too much I might back it off a little because I would also like to write about some different real estate ideas I have. Also, trying to keep everything in season might be difficult, but I will do my best. So lets get started...

We have to start with one of my favorites and that's movie night with the kids. No, I'm not talking about May Cinema, that will come at a later date. What I'm talking about is renting a VHS movie and......wait, I mean a DVD, nope lets try again, I guess the latest and greatest is a Blu-Ray Disk. Yup, there's just something about renting a movie rather than ordering it from your provider. It must be the ritual of taking the kids to Star Vision Video and letting them run around the store mixing all the movies up in the family section. Shirley and the staff always smile but I’m sure spend a lot of time putting those movies back in order......sorry.

24 years in The big boys have come and gone. Blockbuster and Movie Gallery are a couple of the latest that have fallen but Star Vision Video keeps on chuggin. Not through better marketing, or the best offers, or even the most modern technologies for renting movies. Nope, where Star Vision shines is where the others fall short, actually they can't even compete, and that’s good old fashion customer service. Have you ever walked into a Blockbuster and have the employee calls you by name? Only if it's your cousin! Actually you would be lucky to get any acknowledgment from most of these big box stores....unless their checking your receipt.

So the next time you're about to press the "RENT NOW" button on your remote, pack up the kids and let them run around the store and pick out their own movie. I guarantee they will have a blast.

Oh ya, you can even take your small dog for a visit. This is a pic of the food drive Shirley does for the SPCA.





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