25 Things You Can Do To Make Your Home Safer - Part 3 of 5

11. Have an automatic timer for your lights. This is to make sure that even when you are out of your home, people from outside will think that somebody is inside. There is a notion that when a house is lit, it is occupied.

12. Never entertain unauthorized visitors. When someone you do not personally know knocks at your door, do not open the door. One of the most common tactics thieves are employing is to pretend they are selling you a service only to get you to open the door.

13. Have a peephole on your front door. A peephole will give you the ability to see who’s outside without opening the door. This is crucial to your safety since potential robbers can force themselves into your home when you open the door.

14. Hang curtains in your windows for privacy purposes. Not only do curtains beautify your home but they also give you privacy, especially at night. When your windows are bare, it makes it easier for people to peek into your home. It also makes it easier for thieves to determine if your home is occupied or not.

15. Do not hide a key outside your home. Some people have the habit of hiding keys to their homes or cars somewhere outside their homes. This can be a very dangerous habit especially when someone drives by and observes you retrieving the keys from the hiding spot.

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