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Ontario Canada covers an extremely large area; however, if you're thinking about living in this part of the country, Chatham, ON is an area that will provide you with a vast number of opportunities. Chatham is located in the southwestern area of Ontario and has a population of 103,671 as of the 2011 census. This is an area that was actually formed by the political merger that took place in 1988. This is where the City of Chatham and the County of Kent,  were amalgamated into one large city. Now known as the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Here you  will discover more about this wonderful area, as well as why this particular area may be the perfect location you've been looking for when it comes to your relocation needs.

* Community

Chatham, ON is located at the most southern tip of Ontario, which is in an area north of Windsor and South of London. This area is made up of several different communities including Chatham and Kent. This entire area spans over 2,458 km or 949 sq miles. You'll find that this area began as a large dockyard community in the late 1700s, and as of today - it has currently changed into a location that provides historic festivals in the area, as well as additional events that are specifically targeted to the community at large. You'll find that the people in this area are extremely pleasing and they welcomed all of those looking for a quiet nice place to live.

* Economy

You'll find that the economy in Chatham, ON primarily consists of the automotive and agricultural sectors. This is an area that is located directly in the industrial heartland of Ontario. You'll find it whether you are interested in automobile manufacturing, technical support, or automotive emissions control and plastics, this will definitely be a place you will find very interesting. In addition, if your skills and experiences solely consist of the agricultural aspect, you will find manufacturing companies that create, produce, and sell a wide variety of agricultural products that are used in the farming and harvesting industry.

* Real Estate

With an outstanding community and an economy that is on the rise, you will also discover that there are real estate opportunities available in this area that will provide a vast number of benefits for those looking for a new home or those planning to invest in the area. It's important to realize that Chatham, ON will have a lot of different locations in which to choose. You are not limited to living within the central area because you have all of the surrounding areas such as Ridgetown, Cedar Springs, Wallaceburg, and Shrewsburry to only name a few.

Regardless whether you're looking for single family, multifamily, lakefront properties, or business investments, you will find these and much more in the lovely area of Chatham, ON. So, if you've been thinking about living in the most southern portion of Ontario, you will definitely want to consider Chatham as a place of interest because whether you're looking for an excellent community, a growing economy, or a vast number of real estate opportunities, this is an area that will provide those particular aspects, and much more.

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