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Lucan is located 22km northwest of London, Ontario. It was incorporated as a village in 1871. Since 1999 it has been part of the Township of Lucan Biddulph (2006 pop. 4,201).

Lucan was founded in anticipation of the construction of the Grand Trunk Railway to Sarnia, projected in 1854 and built 1855-59. The first settlers had been members of the Negro Wilberforce Colony in 1830-35. One of this group, Peter Butler Sr., had by 1855 acquired the western part of the site of Lucan. The eastern part was acquired jointly by the Hon. Donald and John MacDonald, and the first village lots were sold in 1855. The majority of the settlers were Irish Catholics.

The name of the village was suggested by a resident who had been coachman on the estate of Lord Lucan in Ireland. The notoriety of the village comes with the killing of 6 of the Donnelly family on a nearby farm in 1880 as a result of a feud originating in Tipperary, Ireland.

Today, Lucan has prospered as a dormitory community for London, Ontario.

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