Change is good .... just like the change of seasons ...

Statistics are good for the HRM real estate market and the dreaded October market reports have not been negative, interest rates are still good and prices stable.  If you're contemplating buying or selling within the next 6 months, then the time to start planning is now.  If you're buying, contact your mortgage lender and give a heads up on your plans.  If there is any tweeking to be done to get you preapproved, you can work out those details in advance.  If you are planning to sell your current home and buy a new home subject to the sale of your existing home, contact your lender to find out the balance of your existing mortgage, what penalties would be owing on closing or if you could port your mortgage ... there are lots of scenarios regarding financing.  A mortgage broker could advise you the best way to go as some lenders may pay the penalties to get your business.  Either way, a mortgage broker will advise you on the best products, not only with benefits up front, but with benefits on the other end when you want to change the product ....  you don't want high penalty charges.  Contact me and I can put you in touch with an excellent mortgage broker and also explain the whole buy and sell process if you are new at this.  If you are seasoned, then we can still converse outlining your options and discuss your plans.  It is never too late to be proactive.

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