Confronting the winter blues with dreams of spring ...

This year's Canadian winter has been hard but as happens each year, spring is just around the corner and our moods quickly change to hope and freedom to chose our next move.  We have all experienced the many changes in the market so predicting whether values will increase or decrease is an issue.  Some chose to wait it out to see what happens but if you are restless and know your current residence is not the one you want live in for the rest of your life, then this might be the year for you.  Talk to a mortgage broker first and get a feeling of what you can realistically afford.  If you already own a home, contact your Realtor to get a valuation and the costs involved in selling and buying.  If you rent, then find out when you can get out of your lease or when your lease expires ... and make sure you give your notice to vacate in advance of the "3 month prior to anniversary date" as required by most provinces.  Once you make the decision to move, then contact your Realtor to get the ball rolling.  This process is actually educational and fun and in the end, you will be glad you utilized the services of a professional Realtor who will guide you seemlessly through the whole process and who will work in your best interests at all times.

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