Don't let winter get you down ...

If you're thinking of selling in the near future, this is the time to assess your home inside to ensure it is "up to snuff" so to speak so your house will hit the market in the spring in its best condition.  Make a list of things that need to be done and start to purge.  There are many professional "stagers" available at reasonable costs who can help you "update" your home.  Remember, de-clutter and de-personalize.  Fresh paint makes a huge difference in a home.  After you have purged, assess your walls ... are the colors "in style" and neutral?  If the whole house needs painting, you may want to get in some reputable painters for an appraisal to see what it will cost you.  Some painters supply the paint and materials but you may want to visit some paint stores to pick out your colors or consult your "stager".  Professional painters will do any prep work so you only have to remove wall art and hangers and they will do the rest.  When picking out paint colors, you can make an appointment will a specialist at the paint store to help you pick colors on the same paint pallet so the colors compliment each other.  Also, pick only a couple of colors so the theme goes through the whole house.  Light fixtures are quite inexpensive and to replace outdated ones will not cost you an arm and a leg.  New hardware on cabinetry makes a difference as well.   If your flooring is looking badly, then it is time to change it out.  If hardwood and ceramic is not in the budget, then laminate and modern cushion floor is so much better than worn and soiled carpeting and damaged kitchen and bathroom floors.  When all work is finished, then clean, clean and clean.  Light fixtures and mirrors should be gleaming, windows sparkling, kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean as a whistle and any window coverings should be cleaned.  Then when spring comes, you can focus on the outside of the house knowing the inside is as good as it can be.  Homes that show well sell first. 

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