First Time Buyers Should Buy Now

I believe an individual can never acquire wealth until they buy real estate.  If you are someone renting and are tired of throwing away your money every month by paying someone else's mortgage, this is the time to get pre-approved with a mortgage broker and buy a starter home.  It won't be your last home, but you have to start somewhere.  You should look at your purchased home as your "piggy bank".  You should be able to pay on it each month by way of your mortgage payment, which will start to build equity, live in it for 5 or so years, enjoy it, make improvements and do required maintenance, sell it for more than you paid for it plus earn a profit each year.  You can then invest your equity and profit into a more expensive home and be able to qualify financially for that home.  In the Halifax Regional Municipality, we don't usually  have the ups and downs in the real estate market so common in other major cities in Canada.  We tend to increase in value slowly and when economic conditions dictate a slow down, we do just that ... the market levels out but rarely goes downward.  If you need assistance in this process of buying a home for the first time, let me know and I'll put you in touch with a mortgage broker who will pre-approve you for financing.  If you need direction in getting your financial situation lined up for being pre-approved, the mortgage broker will assist you in that endeavour.  There is no cost to you for this service.  Also, for my service, the seller of the home you buy pays me so you get your own representation in the most important investment of your life.  Increases in interest rates are on the horizon and extra taxes by way of HST are going to happen this year as well.  The mortgage broker can lock you into a good rate for a couple of months during the time you are shopping for a new home and waiting for the sale to close.  Now is the best time to proceed.  Contact me at and I will help you.

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Wanda MacInnes

Wanda MacInnes

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