Get ready for a strong fall and winter market ... first time buyers ...

Fall in Nova Scotia is probably once of the prettiest seasons with the lovely colourful leaves and balmy breezes.  As pretty as it is, winter comes quickly and this is the time, if you are a homeowner, to get your property ready for winter and if it is in the cards, for selling.  Interest rates couldn't be better and with HRM's diverse economy, our market is probably one of the most stable in the country.  For first time buyers, this is the time to make the decision to get out of renting and buy a property of your own.  Call a Realtor to get all the information about how the process works and you will be guided through the steps that need to be taken.  Your Realtor can recommend a mortgage broker to get you pre-approved and once you are preapproved, your Realtor will take you house-shopping for a home in the area you prefer in the price range you are approved to buy.  You will know at this point what your monthly payments will be before you even chose a home which takes a lot of the stress out of this huge decision.  Once you chose a  home to buy, your Realtor will continue to assist you with home inspections, lawyer recommendations, if on well and septic, recommendations for necessary tests, etc.  When the deal is firm, then your Realtor will help you with reminders of necessary utility hookups, moving dates, etc. and then the preclose walkthrough just before the deal closes.  The cost for first time buyers to have their own Realtor is nil ... the seller pays the Realtor.  This situation is the same for your mortgage broker.  The fee is nil ... the lender pays their commission.  It is only a win win situation for first time buyers in that you get all the expert service you need with no cost to you.  Your Realtor will take you through the process from beginning to end and when you move into your new home, you can feel assured you made the right decision.  Remember, it is unlikely you will acquire wealth until you buy real estate and time has a habit of clicking away so don't wait too long ... you want to be mortgage free by the time you retire ... then there are no worries of a landlord putting up your rent.

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