The importance of getting financing preapproval from a Lender you trust ...

Buying real estate is dependent upon many things.  The most important is financing.  If you are ever considering buying that first home or changing homes, the first thing to do is to talk to your Realtor to discuss your plans.  If you don't have a mortgage broker, then your agent will recommend one to you ... a professional who your Realtor trusts who can get that task set up and enable you to be ready to go house shopping.  Too many times I have spoken to potential buyers who have spoken to their bank about their plans but ultimately find out they weren't referred to the mortgage broker at that branch who is the professional who approves the mortgages.  These clients are told by one person in the bank that there would be no problem, they go house hunting, make an offer subject to financing, and find out at the last hour that the bank will not give them a mortgage.  This wrecks havoc all around as these buyers would have set an expectation with the seller that they, in good faith, were commited to proceed in buying the house, would have paid professional inspectors, perhaps done water tests, flow tests, septic tests, lots of due diligence to ensure the house was ready to move in and insurable, then to find out their lender was backing out.  So disappointing to the buyers and the sellers and the agents who spent so much time, energy and costs in this process.  To avoid this disaster, make sure your mortgage broker has done their jobs and checked your credit rating, has received from you all the pertinent information and given you the green light to proceed.


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