You get what you pay for ...

We are having an active market right now with positive speculation ... buyers want the best buy and everything perfect while sellers want top dollar for their homes even if the market won't support it.  The market levels all pricing to where it should be.   Buyers have to have their expectations set by their Realtor as to what their particular price point will buy them.  Area has a great deal to do with this factor, age, size and condition of the home, schools, landscaping, upgrades if an older home ... the list goes on and on.  Unique properties are a little more difficult to price but even in those cases, square footage finished, the quality of those finishes, curb appeal and the property itself play the most important role in pricing.  Waterfront properties on certain waterways also have huge variances in pricing ... depending whether these properties are in the city or rural areas and popularity of that body of water.  Sellers also have to realize that if they want their properties sold within a 3 to 6 month period, it has to be priced to what the market can support.  If it takes longer than 6 months, it is priced too high.  If buyers have the right attitude and will pay market price and if sellers are reasonable and price at market price, then a successful sale should occur.

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Wanda MacInnes

Wanda MacInnes

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