New Vs. Old


Do you want a newer home that’s move in ready or would you rather buy an older home that you can renovate to your heart’s content? There are pros and cons to either option.

First Impressions

Is the lawn mowed and the hedges pruned? Is the exterior of the home well maintained? Studies have shown that curb appeal is one of the number one renovations that homeowners should be considering when updating their homes. Curb appeal gives you an expectation of what to expect inside the home so if the curb appeal turns you off, what are the chances that the interior will wow you?

Scratching the Surface

The home may look amazing with a new coat of paint and maybe some staged furniture. It gives you a good sense of how you could use the space. Now look a little deeper. Does the plumbing work properly? Try turning on the faucets and flushing the toilet to make sure the water pressure and drainage is working properly. Check the windows and doors for air leaks. Do the floors have springy sections or excessive squeaking? These are all things that could indicate fixes that need to be done to the home.

Will Your Furniture Fit?

There are many stories about people who have to give away their beloved couch or bed because they just couldn’t fit it through the door or up the winding staircase. Measuring your furniture beforehand and making sure it will fit in your new dream home will save you a lot of headache on moving day.

Get a Home Inspection

Professional home inspections can help you spot problems that the average person may never find. A home inspector can give you advice on how much fixes will cost and may give you information that will affect your decision to proceed with an offer.

Come by one of our open houses and see if we can help you find a dream home. Happy House Hunting!

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