Borden Real Estate Listings and Information


Borden-Carleton, Located in the southeast of Prince County and bordering the Northumberland Strait at its narrowest point, is the principal "Gateway" to and from New Brunswick as it is at the foot of the Confederation Bridge. As a result, Borden-Carleton is the first community that visitors to Prince Edward Island encounter and has developed as a tourist gateway.

The core of Borden-Carleton is characterized by residential neighborhoods, neighborhood and tourist-oriented commercial development, institutional and light industrial uses. The Community's waterfront is a mixture of former industrial lands, left over from the building of the Confederation Bridge and now ripe for redevelopment, coastal vistas, residential developments and resource-based uses. Running through the community is the Trans-Canada Highway with ribbon development consisting of residential, highway commercial, and tourism commercial uses.

There are a lot of smaller homes available in the village and some of these are quite inexpensive starting at $30,000. It is also possible in the outlying areas to buy larger properties that will sell for same prices as other PEI areas.

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