Bathroom Reno? Be sure to take advantage of the City Rebate.

If you are renovating your bathroom or if it's time to replace your high flow toilet with an updated water conserving model be sure to take advantage of the City of Red Deer's rebate program on qualifying toilets.

The City is offering a $25.00 rebate when you replace your high flow fixture with a low flow (6L or less) and a $50.00 rebate for dual flush toilets. Each household is allowed a maximum of two rebates and you must have a utility account with the City of Red Deer to qualify. New construction and reno's requiring a plumbing permit are not eligible.

Did you know that replacing one 20L fixture with an efficient 6L low flow toilet saves approximately 25,550 Litres  of water per person per year? Toilets account for 1/3 of your household''s monthly water bill on average!

For additional details and to view the list of elibile fixtures visit the City of Red Deer page at:

Take advantage of the rebate and reduce your water bill!



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