GUARANTEED HOME SALES......fact or fiction? Good deal or a raw one?

GUARANTEED HOME SALES......fact or fiction? Good deal or a raw one?

FACT: yes, there is such a thing as a guaranteed home sales or purchases. In central Alberta. Yes it's legal.(not sure why)
FACT: yes, certain companies will buy your home if it doesn't sell.
So what's the catch? Where's the FICTION in all this? Sounds like a great deal....doesn't it?
If you pay close attention to the little astrix (*) beside any guarantees that are thrown around these days on claims like these, it'll read something like this,"some conditions or restrictions apply".
What it actually should read is," seriously, you dummy, of course we'll buy your house off your hands (so the banks satisfied for lending purposes on your next home) for a value "acceptable to you" , minus a commission of course, for me out of it. Just an FYI though, we're going to turn around, mark it up, sell it for more than we bought it from you for and oh Ya....make another end or two on it"

Why wouldn't I want to do this???? All I need is an unsecured LOC of some sort or cash to cover your purchase and bam....I have the potential of making four "ends" (buyer and sellers commissions) on one house. Plus anything on the difference of what I sell it for verses what I paid you for it....HMMM. Still sound like a good plan?

As a REALTOR@ .....We are hired to sell houses for the maximum dollar value into our clients pockets, aren't we? It's a part of the fiduciary duties a REALTOR@ adhere's to according to RECA (Realestate council of Alberta ) to act in your clients best interest. Tell me how am I fulfilling that, when it's fairly obvious who's best interest I'm looking after?

Do I have the ability to offer this? Absolutely!
Is this something I would get into myself? Not a chance.
Will I ever offer this to any of my clients? Not on your life!

It's time the realestate industry starts cracking down on the "Gimmicks" and starts raising the standard of the professional image a REALTOR@ should have, that it spends millions on trying to portray each year.

Your comments are appreciated and encouraged both in agreement or disagreement.

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