Reducing the Risk of Water Damage

Each year Red Deer residents look forward to the snow melting and mother nature decides just how much water we will have to deal with each spring. This year Red Deer has seen approximately 125cm of snow to date since November 1, 2013. How do these numbers compare to previous years? According to the snowfall statistics provided by the City of Red Deer we had a total snowfall of 49.2 cm in 2012 and 36.0 cm in 2011. This means we have had two and a half times the amount of snowfall to date than the total amount of snowfall received in 2012!

Wet winters, spring rains and sudden melts create ideal situations for residential flooding. With the recent unseasonal warm weather and another week of warm temperatures to come now is a good time for homeowners to check their properties and assess the risk of flooding.

The amount of snow on residential and commercial buildings is staggering this year and should prompt a check for poorly positioned down spouts, it is recommended that down spouts are extended to remove water at least two meters away from the foundation. Shovel and removing snow 3 to 5 feet away from your foundation also helps to reduce the risk of a wet basement. Many homes are equipped with sump pumps which are highly effective in removing water before it becomes a problem but only if they are in proper working order. Now is a good time to make sure your sump pump is functioning correctly.

If your are is experiencing significant water pooling due to a plugged storm drain please contact the City of Red Deer Public Works department at 403-342-8238



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