15 Reasons to use a Realtor!!!

The help of a licensed Realtor is critical for a fair and hassle free transaction.  Here are 15 reasons why:

  1. Most accurate and up-to-date market area comparables (sold and active properties)
  2. Most up-to-date and accurate evaluation of a home
  3. Ability to "sell the house" to Realtors who are active in the area so the can bring their buyers
  4. Quick exposer to hundreds of agents who each can bring a buyer (better chances of getting a higher price). Quicker sale, higher price.
  5. Provide secure, day long, easy access to the house
  6. Ability to market- spend money up front on cards, letters and newpaper advertising
  7. Extensive social networking marketing
  8. Can lead to "multiple offers" situation resulting in an over asking selling price
  9. Reviewing offers with the seller, analyzing the offer, proper (legal) sign backs without needing a lawyer
  10. Proper and legal handling of deposit monies
  11. Provide buyers a wide variety of homes to visit and transportation to buyers
  12. Third-party (mediator) negotiations make it easier to reach a deal (but still working for your best interest)
  13. Assistance with mortgage financing, home inspections and assisting your lawyer until closing
  14. Screening of potential fraud
  15. Does anyone (seller or buyer) really save money when both ends want to save???????


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