3rd Quarter Stats - Rocky Mountain House Real Estate

Daily we are approached and asked about current market conditions but there is not always a straight forward answer.  Depending on your personal properties location, type and price range the market conditions affect you differently.  Sales are down in the Rocky Mountain House & Clearwater County areas & many consumers are holding back to see how the economic situation will unfold.  It is very important when considering investing or selling real estate you meet with your local expert to see how todays market conditions affect you and your property. 


January - September 2014                                               January - September 2015

478 New Listings!                                                                500 New Listings!



January - September 2014                                                              January - September 2015

271 Sales!                                                                                            216 Sales!



Time frame is from Jan 2014 to Sep 2014

Association is 'Central Alberta'

MLS Area Major is one of 'Clearwater County', 'Rocky Mountain House'

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