Did you know? Texting fun facts!

With the unavailing of our new TXT2LOOK program we thought we would share some fun facts about texting! 

Text messaging is the most widely used mobile service on the planet, 72% of mobile phone users use text messaging. 

But...Do you know the history of texting? 

The concept of SMS ( Short Messaging Service) was first developed in 1984 Germany. 

In 1992 Neil Papworth sent Happy Christmas from his PC - this being the first text message sent! 

Up until the year 2000 the average American sent no more than one text message per day. But in 2010 6.1 trillion text messages were sent! 

Century 21 Westcountry now uses texting to offer our clients the opportunity to view information and pictures on their favorite listings! Text C21WEST to 77788 to try it! 

            Keep an eye out for our TXT riders on the Century 21 Westcountry signs! 

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