Fantastic heatwave will not slow down your carpenter!

This week has gifted Central Alberta with an incredible heat wave. This is fantastic when you are on holidays or work in an air conditioned office, but today I would like to send kudos to those working outdoors in this balmy weather. Ponder if you will our local tradespeople. In particular because I am biased, I would like to make mention of my husband and his crew with Kalyn Innovations Ltd. These guys are outdoors in the smouldering sun creating shelter and demonstrating that those in the carpentry trade are strong & resilient men that should be revered. Good job you guys and thank you for all that you do! Starting two hours earlier in the morning to try and beat the heat is not something that goes unnoticed. Let’s all take this opportunity to thank our builders. Bring them a slurpee.

 “It is the carpenter, not the hammer that builds the house”. -unknown author.

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